Friday, August 20, 2010

RPG clichés

This is such a touchy subject for so many fucking people. I can still remember my first, that being Chrono Trigger way back in the day. I've been addicted to them ever since, in a sickening-ly(Wow) fashion. I've seen it all from the time Final Fantasy VII was crowned "Perhaps the best RPG ever made." Or whatever that line on the front box said. Anyway, I was reading up a few boards the other day, trying to see what people like to staple as an RPG cliché, mind you I live in america, so if you are living in per se Japan or something, the ideas of this rant are probably conflicting, HOWEVER! I am on your side. J-RPGs have always been a steady-set means of entertainment, Now you can call me a Japanophile, Most people do, I don't give a fuck.

I've compiled a lost of the things I see most people seem to dislike.

-Protagonist suffers from Amnesia
-Protagonist has some sort of hidden-unaware-of-power
-Loli-con type of character in the game
-The antagonists' goal is to destroy the world
-There's always the stupid kid or two in your party who run off without measuring a consequence.
-Zippers and belts on character designing(Applies mostly to Nomura designs)
-Lip sync out of place
-Extremely sensitive and or Emotional protagonist, Emo in your words.
-Aeris Dies
-Antagonist owns an evil empire, a la Star wars mode.

Now don't get me wrong, I love originality, However these type of issues aren't really something that should allow you to ruin your experience in a game.

If the antagonist isn't going after the world, what more could he want? Will he poison your water supplies? burn your crops and tune every Television network to watch an endless marathon of The View?

I suppose it leaves a lot of room for creativity, But I grow tired of having friends and dick heads alike try to ruin a game just because it doesn't match up to the standards nowadays.

I'll continue to enjoy J-RPGs, Enjoy the High pitched 8 year old who for some reason can wield a gun like a Seasoned SWAT Team veteran. Or the helpless female lead who goes in a magical quest to find determination in her life so she can rule her kingdom, And for as long as it takes, I'll enjoy the antagonist destroying the world over him/her spitting on my burgers from Wendy's.

"No, I am not obsessed with belts and zippers. But something needs to hold clothes together. What? Stitching? Get the fuck out of here." Tetsuya Nomura~

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