Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More me.

I will be using most of this blog to throw tantrums, rant, and discuss mostly gaming.

  I am back on Final Fantasy XI once again, You can blame/thank Kitsuu and Hachirou for that. It's been..what almost if not already a month since I came back. I've piled up my to-do list quite nicely, Bard's finished, Samurai will be up next, Dancer sub job, since I was too reluctant to not skip around like a pansy yet now I feel I must have to, Sub job leveling, which isn't exactly something to be excited for but i'll get it done, Einherjar, Limbus and sea events are also something I want to look into as well. I will be using most of my Time spent in end game gearing up Dragoon, so look out for that. I believe the September update will bring forth 5-10 more levels to the cap, so it'll mean more Abyssea time, fun. Also stressing the values or lack there-of Gil-making in FFXI, so! Imagine my comment tab is a suggestion box, Insert all of your Gil-making ideas right there!

 Enough of that. I'm trying to convert my FFXI-age from Xbox 360 to PC, but I will confess I am a player who is heavily reliant on a controller, and without it I function like I did when I first began this game in 2004. An Ls mate managed to link me a driver install for PS3 controllers to PC, Everything installed smoothly yet I am unable to input any binds to the analog sticks, Kazamaki managed to narrow his down pretty well, with the exception of having to stop or Auto-run to target/tab around. If anyone has any experience on making a PS3 controller work properly, please notify, I lose patience quick with trivial technical difficulties. I have a ton of new music lately,  Aki Kuroda released a compilation of FFXIII tracks in piano medleys, one of them being a previously unreleased, They sound fantastic, And after finding a specific track for Carinde I felt a little accomplished. I actually had to load up FFXIII and run all the way to the Sulyya Springs terrace to listen to this particular MP3:


 It reminded me just how much of a good time I had in Final Fantasy XIII, so It might be something I'll replay once more for the hell of it. On other notes, She has been my lurid addiction into BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. A fantastic agile fighter, with a story to back it all up. I enjoyed playing the series again, If any readers/friends Are interested, I currently own both the PS3 and 360 versions of BlazBlue~ Challenges are welcome(For the love of god preferably on PS3):


 That about covers everything I wanted to let out, This post was meant to release 4 days ago, but it's been delayed horribly, so apologies for those who kept asking me about it and I delayed you even further~ The blog is still being modified, And don't get used to my formal paragraph writing, I'll probably mix it up in due time.

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