Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday was a bit of an uneventful day, I spent most of my day in bed with music on, and a book nearby. I kept XI logged in to keep an eye out for any sort of events but nothing really came up for 90% of the time. Not to mention I was in a rather crummy mood due to an off-set start in the morning. Any-who, the day went on, AFK in Whitegate while I caught up on the latest Dragon Age: Origins book, The Calling. Surprisingly good, As was the Stolen Throne, but I'll still keep Throne into the top 1, It was very interesting reading that one before the game.

Time went past and I was still feeling pretty crappy, It was roughly 4-6PM EST(My time zone) And I went away to try and eat something, no work, even water made me somehow gag, I left it for now and return 5 minutes later, Kazamaki and Kayaa are sitting on my FFXI character. Amused I ask what they were up to, and we stood there chatting debating what the three of us would do considering neither of them were sleepy yet, and my evening was clear of any events, Kayaa amused herself with this for about 10 minutes or so:

We jumped from ENMs to Farming, And finally settled on Hostel. You know, that little party area that no-one has used ever since Aht Urgahn released? Yeah well we went in, And we spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out the password Kayaa would refuse to give to us. She teased Kazamaki and sent the password via /tell to me, so It took him a little extra longer. We settled in and started to mess around with the party favors, Reminded me when all of these first came out, and how much I always liked the Jeuno Holiday music.

A little into it, we started to feel very relaxed, including me, extremely tense, head in the clouds and feeling pretty down, we stumbled into the Rice Cakes and Mochi:

In some alternate world, that screenshot makes sense.

We continued to joke about, talking about how Kayaa shouldn't be allowed kids even though she teaches, which made me imagine her being my grade school teacher, and I lost it laughing~ Kaza and I got into a Mithra slap fight, and he apologized with a hug, we even lined up!

After a while of mindless running about, they both were getting sleepy, so we sat around until the time almost ran out:

I had a good time, and it really helped me clear my head and think a bit more rationally, the mood persisted, but at least I had a good laugh and a good time for that hour.

Thanks Kayaamaki. <3

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