Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I keep you?

"Can I trust in my own heart or am I just one part of one big plan."

I can't help but to press that quote on a lot that has been happening lately. Just definitely putting a lot of thought into it, but I get that sickly feeling in my stomach while doing so, no more of that.

I wish I could add music to the background of this Blog to play manually. I like to share my music with friends, so a lot of them do receive MP3s from me quite often, or I elaborate and discuss just how much each specific track is good and why, It's been one of my habits ever since Video game OSTs became my thing. I think I started with the Legend of Dragoon OST when I was 13. 50 tracks of pure awesomeness, and to this day I will bitch and moan about the cancellation, Or should I say discreet cancellation of a possible sequel/prequel. Thousands of questions later, 5438753489573849573 Online Petitions signed and SCEA Refuses to comment on Legend of Dragoon. You kind of just give up by now, But I am one persistent fucking gamer, especially when it comes to RPGs. Speaking of dragons, I was reading Kotaku earlier and it's Gamescom coverage, A few things were announced, Mass Effect 2 for PS3 was probably among the most random of them all, Resistance 3, Cole's new re-design for Infamous 2 in a classic time freeze trailer, Among the small head of news, More Cave Bullet hell shooters, which after buying and loving Deathsmiles, I can say with pride I will be trying out more CAVE ports/localizations. So now, have a trailer:

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Partly because Bioware's so fucking amazing, Yet a few things caught my attention on their latest news coverage, instead of following directly up from the first Dragon Age, they are adding main character, who..if I recall just comes from some random town the Blight had burned down to the ground, I am not quite sure what that entails from the events of 1 to 2, or bridging those gaps, I just hope Teyrn-I-will-kill-your-Alistair Loghain makes somewhat of an appearance.

I cut the random chatter to bring a sudden thought. My birthday is coming up. And I figured out what I wanted, yes, me, who settles for a dinner and a movie, wants an awesome new camera to play with. I've always wanted to take a more deep interest into Photography, yet I guess I lacked enthusiasm and or funds to do so. We'll see what happens.

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