Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay so after deciding that FFXI was in it's huge waterslide-esque downfall, I hopped over to Aion: Tower of Eternity until the Ps3 release of Final Fantasy XIV is near. Mind you upgrading my CPU and GFX up to ~my~ standards to run the game is nearly 600$, so I'll pass for now.

Anywho, back to my new game. I've actually had this since It's debut release date, However due to how complicated the game began, and how ridiculous the grind-fest can be, I put it down for a while. Fortunately the Developers have made the game a bit accessible, You still might grind, however it doesn't feel so punishing, at least not to me. Events are plenty, and they're actually pretty fun, I'm taking it slow, and playing on the Elyos faction this time around(Asmodian before) And I have to say I'm enjoying it quite more.

This is me as of last night, with a brand new set of armor and weapon. I actually spent almost an hour building his face, One of the things about Aion is it's depth of detail. In my mind I wanted to create an Elyos that looked like he should of been Asmodian, Antagonist maybe? I guess a dash o Anti-Hero couldn't hurt, However as I finished I realized he looks a lot like Caim from the Drakengard series, and I. Was. Pleased.

I'm really fascinated by the land, It has a very distinct and unique feel for me, Even as I played both factions now. There is a Visions Update coming to this game, which overhauls the graphics and makes it look like nothing seen in the game currently, Very excited for that.

As for now, I'm a Gladiator, Level 18, And rising, Super excited to get to 25 and Unlock Abyss where I'll gladly partake in Fortress Captures after 35 and up. Shouldn't be too far off, But I'm hoping I can get the best out of this game, keeping me occupied until March.

Jacinda, I swear I saw you right in front of me in this photo, however when I turned around, you disappeared, my mind, It is tricking me! :o

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Jacinda said...

Always a pleasure to be thought of. ^_^

I have the PC version of FFXIV myself, but will have to hold off until I can upgrade or buy a new PC as well. Time will tell.

Let me use your Manteel while you're away! >.>